Abyssinian Cat Breed Colors, Temperament, Personality and Price

Pets4Good - Abyssinian Cat Breed Colors, Temperament, Personality and Price - Abyssinian cat breed is among the cats which has rather slim and small body. For your information, this cat breed is getting more and more popularity due to various things. Surely, the appeal is something you can always count for and the personality is also really nice.

abyssinian cat breed

Not to mention, by considering the “compactness” of Abyssinian cat size, it’s so comfortable for you to expect that you can carry the cat around. Do you want to know even further about this cat? Carry on reading then.

Abyssinian Cat Breed Colors

Many people say that when it comes to the Abyssinian cat colors, it’s like talking about a kind of cat which had just come out directly out of the woods or the wild.

Perhaps, what’s meant by those people is related to the fact that this cat has rather thick pattern on the coat. Such pattern really reminds us of cougars a lot.

If you are not really familiar with such term, well, it refers to the kind of wild cats. And it’s also common for us to find some alternation on the color of the hair shaft which can be in the form of light as well as dark bands.

Yes, that’s pretty much the characteristic of the colors you may find from cat breed Abyssinian. Even further about the appeal, the Abyssinian cat has a really attentive look.

With really broad ears and head which is shaped like wedge combined with eyes which are shaped like almond, the whole look is really interesting. Not to mention, you can also find how the body is so athletic and graceful.

If we are talking about the overall of the physical build, well, it can be said that it’s quite surprising to find some muscles on that rather small and slim body. Back to the bands of color that have been mentioned above, it is so easy to find some warmth from the appeal of this kind of cat due to that appeal feature.

Even if you have black Abyssinian cat, you can still find some warmth in addition to the rather mysterious look. The awesome ambience will definitely even more emitting if you have silver Abyssinian cat. What about the other possible color like blue Abyssinian cat?

Well, surely, it’s still awesome. It’s just the proof that this cat can look so fabulous no matter what kind of color it has.

Abyssinian Cat Breed Temperament

If we are going to talk about Abyssinian cat temperament, it can be said that the temperament can never be more perfect.

It is like everything you like from a cat, you can surely find it from this kind of cat breed. If you are really curious about it, well, let’s just say it like this. What do you like the most from a cat?

If you like its cuteness, you can get it from Abyssinian cat breed. What if you like playfulness from a cat? Without any doubt, this cat breed will never let you down.

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If you are amazed by the look of a cat, well, this cat breed has a really fabulous appeal to always keep you in awe all the time. And surely, there are some people who are interested in having cats as their pets due to the intelligence, of course, this cat breed will never let you down.

This cat is really entertaining and at the same time, you can also expect some awesome experience like how you can enjoy such relaxing moments with this cat.

In other words, like what has been mentioned bore, it’s just so easy to fall in love with this kind of cat. Once you have it, you will definitely feel like you find your long lost love. Even further about how awesome the cat can be, you may want to carry on reading so you can learn even more about the personality.

Abyssinian Cat Breed Personality

More or less, the explanation about Abyssinian cat personality has been mentioned above in the temperament section. But, still, you may want to know even further about it, right?

Well, what’s so clear about this kind of cat is its playfulness. It seems like this cat has no time to sleep.

It’s not like the cat doesn’t need sleep at all but it’s about how the stamina is really good. You will find the cat is going around and around and doing a lot of cute stuffs.

Not to mention, the curiosity level of the cat is really attractive. And like what has been mentioned before, the intelligence of this cat is also nice.

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Well, it is really normal for the owners of Abyssinian cat breed to be surprised by the way it’s acting out. It is totally possible for you to train the cat so you can make the cat have various skills.

For instance, you can use many toys to train and have fun with the cat. You will be surprised about how fast the cat is going to learn the tricks.

And notice this one: this cat seems to be quite obsessed with high places. Whenever the cat sees higher points in your house, it is very likely for the cat to have the desire to go there and spend some time there.

Abyssinian Cat Breed Price

Related to the Abyssinian cat price, well, it’s rather highly ranging. It’s determined by the age, sometimes the sex can also become the factor, and not to mention, the color of the cat is also something to consider.

If you want to get Abyssinian cat breed which is still a baby, you may want to spend at least $200. But, if we are talking about teenager or even adult Abyssinian cat breed, the price is rather high.

It’s because this kind of cat is quite highly demanded and there are so many people who are keen on it. At minimum, with $1000 you can get standard looking Abyssinian cat.

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It means that there’s nothing special with the appeal. If you want something more unique like how the color bands are so nice, you may want to spend about $1500 or even more.

But, one thing for sure, despite the fact that the price is quite high, you will never be disappointed. The money you spend is going to be so worth it by considering the personality of this cat breed.

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